Pet Headstones in Neston

Pet Headstones in NestonPet headstones in Neston are an important component when memorialising a beloved pet. Whether you are bidding farewell to your service dog who got you through tough times, or need to give your young child closure after losing their first rabbit, a pet funeral can be a significant and soothing procedure. What better way to lend solidity to the event than to incorporate the proper aspects of a funeral, such as a eulogy and a headstone? Having a headstone for remembrance, even if it is in your back garden, can help with grieving, especially for young children. A small corner of your garden reserved for that special pet memorial can look attractive and even enhance the appearance of your garden when you choose a quality-made headstone.

If you wish to erect a memorial to a beloved pet in Neston, pet headstones made by David Williams are an excellent way to pay tribute. You can select the size, material, colour and lettering you prefer. If all you want is a stone marker to lay amongst the rose bushes, we have just the solution. Alternatively, if you wish we can craft a larger headstone, complete with an engraved psalm, poem or image, which you can put as the centrepiece in a botanical memorial or set above a grave in a pet cemetery. We handcraft headstones in marble, granite or rustic materials and have a wide range of sentimental designs, from traditional to modern, to choose from.

A pet can be one of your closest, dearest friends, and pet headstones in Neston are an appropriate tribute to that bond and companionship. With approximately 75 pet cemeteries and crematoria in the UK, there are several options for bereaved owners as to the final resting place for their pet, and a headstone would be a fitting addition to most. Contact Birkenhead Monumental for pet headstones that are professionally, lovingly made. Quality craftsmanship goes into every headstone we create, with hand-cut lettering and attention to detail that results in a beautiful, befitting memorial headstone.

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