Headstone Inscriptions by Chester Masons Reminisce of a Special Life

0078Beautiful designed headstone inscriptions by Chester masonry experts are a silent and meaningful tribute to the person who has passed on. David Williams of Birkenhead Monumental is a stone mason of note who, together with his wife and son run their successful business. This letter cutter, carver and master craftsman has built up a reputation of excellence, providing quality workmanship, reasonable pricing and caring and compassionate customer services. The business is a member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons   (BRAMM) which means clients enjoy services from a trusted  network of accredited businesses. David Williams therefore, provides a high standard of workmanship to meet BS 841 requirements in all UK burial grounds and adhered to all health and safety guidelines.

Head Stones to Suit every Unique Personality

With some 45 years of experience, Birkenhead Monumental serves the borough of Wirral and most of the North West, including Liverpool and Manchester. Operating from their factory premises at the North Cheshire Trading Estate Preston, the skilled team are able to design any stone you like, whether traditional, modern, highly ornate or as elegantly simple as you wish. Materials can be marble, polished granite or rustic; all in keeping with cemetery rules and regulations. Whatever age, gender and personality, designs of animals, books, crosses, birds and much more can be shaped and coloured to suit. Chester headstone inscription specialists have recently designed a special memorial stone for a child and they have since built up a considerable portfolio of memorial stones for children, welcoming any discussions about preferences and offering helpful advice.

Restoration Services Keep Headstones Like New

The design and size of the memorial will determine how many inscriptions can be engraved on the stone. Headstone inscriptions by Chester masonry experts are in the form of verses or quotes and are often personalised with a photo or with a symbol like an angel or bird. The professional headstone inscription team is also aware that tombstones are exposed to harsh weather conditions, and they offer restoration services to restore headstones to their original looks. Once you have decided on the headstone, the next thing is to choose what you want written as an epitaph. Talk to the Birkenhead Monumental experts who will carefully plan all details with you. Call them and take advantage of their decades of gravestone experience.

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