Where to Get Cheap Headstones in Wirral

Cheap Headstones in WirralYou may be looking for cheap headstones in Wirral. Funeral expenses and, yes, headstones, can cost an arm and a leg. Such expenses, especially when unexpected, could give you even more reasons to grieve. This is the main reason why you should not just settle for the first company that is offering the services you need. Instead, take the time to do the legwork and research because, really, companies that care enough not to add to your grief and expenses really do exist, if you just look for them.

In Wirral, cheap headstones is one of the various offerings of Birkenhead Monumental. This local, family-owned business has been operating in the Birkenhead community for over 30 years. It was founded by David Williams, who is a master craftsman, carver, and letter-cutter. He still runs it to this day, together with his wife Jeannie and their son Charlie. They have an excellent portfolio of diverse designs in various subjects, so you can surely find the style that is most appropriate for the memorial you have in mind. Beyond that, they also offer tailor-made memorials with bespoke designs and inscriptions. So if you have a vision that you want to see set in stone, they are the people to talk to. They are also able to adjust their headstones and monuments to fit any formal requirements that some cemeteries and graveyards specify. They even offer cremation stones, which are comparable in quality and craftsmanship to burial headstones. Birkenhead Monumental offers services to fit every budget.

Cheap headstones in Wirral really are within reach with Birkenhead Monumental. They also do renovation work for old headstones and memorials that have seen better days after being exposed to the elements for a long period. With an experienced team of 8 artisans, you can have your loved ones’ headstones look as good as new in no time. Once the memorial is finished, Birkenhead Monumental will also take care of delivery and administration, so you really do not have to worry about those, either. Give them a call now to set an appointment.

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