Why Gravestone Inscriptions In Wirral?

Gravestone Inscriptions In WirralWe at Birkenhead Monumental provide gravestone inscriptions in Wirral to a range of customerswho have either ordered a new headstone or require an existing headstone repaired or renovated. Recently we were asked by a customer what is meant by “inscriptions” when it comes to gravestones and what the function of an inscription is.

In Wirral, gravestone inscriptions, as elsewhere, are details and messages that are written or engraved onto the headstone. At the most basic level, they will include the deceased’s name and the dates of birth and death. Another word for the message or inscription on a gravestone is an epitaph. A customer could select an inscription from our range as it can be difficult to find the right words when one is grief-stricken or stressed. Many people choose a religious quotation that they feel is appropriate. Others select a short poem or lines from one. Yet others will write something of their own. In some cases, the decreased has written the words he or she wants on their headstone as part of their preparations for their death. It is an extremely personal message that will, for many years to come, tell those who see the words with some idea of who the person was or, at the very least, how those left behind felt about them and their roles in life. For instance, “Much loved husband, father and grandfather”. The idea with the inscription is to be able to both say something about the deceased and about the feelings of those left behind.

With gravestone inscriptions in Wirral from Birkenhead Monumental, we are very flexible about the inscription because we understand its importance. Once we have the wording a customer requests, we will supply a free draft layout for approval. Let us help you put your feelings into words. Call us today.

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