Who Offers Pet Memorial Stones in Wirral?

Pet Memorial Stones in WirralThere are many reasons why pet memorial stones in Wirral are becoming the norm. These days, more and more people are learning to recognise that their pets are, indeed, family members that need to be remembered and honored as such in the event of their demise. After all, the same honor and remembrance that we reserve for your loved ones should definitely be extended to your fur babies, as well. They have spent many years of their lives serving you and loving you unconditionally, so they definitely deserve nothing less than that.

In Wirral, pet memorial stones are just one of the many memorial offerings of Birkenhead Monumental. These memorial stones are all completely personalised, from the design to the inscription. You can also take a look at their design and inscription samples for inspiration. Birkenhead Monumental only uses the highest quality polished granite, marble, and other such materials for all the memorial stones they create. Each one of their 8 highly skilled artisans are also able to provide the best possible workmanship, so you are assured of beautiful and well made memorial stones that can last the test of time. Birkenhead Monumental’s pet memorial stones can be especially created as grave markers for pet cemeteries and graveyards, or even just as a monument of sorts in your own garden. You can even opt to have it customised with a photo of your pet, which is definitely the perfect remembrance of your beloved friend.

Aside from pet memorial stones in Wirral, Birkenhead Monumental also produces headstones and cremation stones, according to your specifications. They also have a  portfolio of children’s memorials that you can take inspiration from. Birkenhead Monumental was founded thirty years ago by David Williams, a master craftsman and monumental mason with over 45 years’ worth of experience. The business is currently run by David and his family, and has since grown to become on the most well respected and well loved purveyor of memorials and monuments in the North West region of the country. Over the years, they have helped countless of customers honor their departed loved ones elegantly and beautifully, and they continue to do so to this day. Give them a call or pay them a visit to know more about their memorial offerings.

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