Looking for Cheap Headstones in Wallasey?

Looking for Cheap Headstones in Wallasey?In the sad event of a death, many families of the deceased start looking for cheap headstones in Wallasey. A lot of them however, do not know where to start their search and many end up paying for expensive headstones because they did not have the time to look for cheaper alternatives in the region. However, if you have a tight budget and you would still like to pay your respects to the deceased, consider having a look at Birkenhead Monumental, an established company quite well-known in the Wirral.

If, like many of our clients, you are based in Wallasey and looking for cheap headstones, do not hesitate to give Birkenhead Monumental a call. The company was quite small when it was first started by David Williams and his wife, however, after about 30 years in monumental masonry, the company has received its fame mostly through word of mouth based on the excellent service they have provided. Recently, the company was asked to design a headstone for a deceased elderly father and grandfather. The family’s requirements were quite simple, they picked one of the marble headstones and asked to start with the simple words “Fondest memories of” and had the date of birth and death inscribed on it. The family were quite satisfied with the headstone. They also enquired after the renovation services provided by the company, it seemed that they were interested in looking after the grave. With time, headstones might need to be cleaned and polished again especially after years of harsh weathering.

If you are looking for cheap headstones in Wallasey, do visit the company at 27 Brookway, North Cheshire Trading Estate, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 3DS. The staff members would be happy to entertain any enquires that you may have and should you prefer so, you could call them directly on the 0151 609 0117.

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