Cremation Stones in Birkenhead

Cremation Stones in BirkenheadWe are often asked about cremation stones in Birkenhead. It’s a subject that people tend to have a lot of questions about, we often find that the public aren’t as aware of them as they are of traditional burial headstones. As always, Birkenhead Memorials are happy to answer any question, and with our wealth of experience you can be sure that we’re able to provide the answers. Our family run business has been operating throughout the north west for over 30 years, and in that time we’ve built up a reputation for excellence.

We appreciate that people who are looking for Birkenhead cremation stones are doing so at a very difficult time in their lives. They could be mourning a loved one, or searching for the perfect way to commemorate somebody who was central to their world. That’s why we always treat our clients with the utmost sympathy and understanding. You’ll never be rushed and we’ll do all that we can to accommodate your needs and wishes. Our team of expert stone masons take pride in offering a truly bespoke experience. We know how important it is to create a memorial that’s of the highest standard and that provides a fitting tribute to a life well lived.

Cremation stones in Birkenhead are available in a wide range of stones, colours and designs. It is worth remembering that cremation burial spots often contain more than one urn, so the memorial stone has to be large enough to contain more than one name. In practice, many cremation stones are as big as a traditional burial headstone. You can find information on how big the stone needs to be from the cemetery manager, or we can liaise with them on your behalf. We can also go through the information that you want to be included on the memorial and discuss the style and colour of lettering used. If you want to find out more about cremation memorial stones and what can be included on them, please give us a call.

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