Gravestone Companies in Wirral

Gravestone Companies in WirralIf you are searching for gravestone companies in Wirral that can provide you with quality workmanship, excellent customer care and competitive pricing then look no further. We are a local family owned business that has been established for many years and have gained a well earned reputation over the years for delivering a one of a kind service. We offer a wide range of services that include one off designs that are unique, supplying modern memorials and gravestones, revamping and renovations, cleaning and repairing. With our years of experience and professional workforce we have you covered in every aspect. One of Wirral’s most renowned and reputable general and monumental stonemasons David Williams established Birkenhead Monumental Ltd.

In Wirral, gravestone companies such as Birkenhead Monumental take care of all administration as well as fixing and delivery. We offer a wide selection of styles and designs that cover a host of subjects such as roses, animals, books, flowers, birds, crosses and the list is endless. We also produce tailor made memorials in alternative shapes and colours and can design cremation stones which are the same size as burial memorials. Our experienced team can completely revitalise memorials and make an old memorial look like new. To view examples of our selection of services offered including designs and styles please visit the website. If you want to add a new inscription to a memorial, we can supply you with a quote and any information you may require.

Gravestone companies in Wirral have to comply with many regulations pertaining to the types of memorials that can be erected in a cemetery or churchyard. Before you make a final choice we will check the regulations governed by the burial authority as in some areas kerbing, granite, gliding letters and so on are not permitted. Once you have chosen your design, our letter cutters will decide the best way for the inscription and design to be positioned unless otherwise stated. For more information about gravestone companies, contact Birkenhead Monumental Ltd.

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