Headstones for Graves in Ellesmere Port

Headstones for Graves in Ellesmere PortFinely crafted headstones for graves in Ellesmere Port are provided by Birkenhead Monumental.  We have been providing this service since Master Craftsmen David Williams founded the company thirty years ago. Occasionally we receive an enquiry regarding gravestones for infants or children. Thirty years does not cushion us from the anguish they are feeling. We always give our very best but for young parents seeking to capture the essence of their loss in a monument no effort is too great. We have a portfolio for parents to review that includes cherished characters from books and movies. You may prefer symbolic engravings of infancy or childhood. Often parents ask for custom engravings, and our skilled staff are pleased to carry out their wishes.

In Ellesmere Port, headstones for graves is a design process. We want to display something of our loved one in stone that will endure for generations. Birkenhead Monumental is ready to work with you to achieve that goal. We offer many designs from which to choose, and it is likely you will respond to one when you see it. Adding customisation to your choice of design works well for many. Beautiful headstones of granite, rustic stone or marble make a fitting and lasting memorial. Engravings are limited only by the size of the chosen stone. Colours and scripts selected to suit you, from our many options. We are always pleased to share our advice, ideas and experience as you work toward a selection. Before your final decision, we will confirm that your choice meets the regulations of the cemetery.

Older headstones for graves in Ellesmere Port often become dulled and stained by elements and vegetation. Your family’s memorial stone may have unsightly chips and cracks or even fading engravings. Restoration under the skilled hands of Birkenhead Monumental staff will make the stone look new again. New engravings will assure the memorial will be visible for many generations to come. Birkenhead Monumental is a member of the British Register Of Accredited Memorial Masons. We are happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your specific requests. Bring your ideas and let our skilled stoneworkers make them a reality for you. For more information about headstones, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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