Inscriptions in West Kirby

inscriptions in West KirbyIf you need inscriptions in West Kirby, you will need the services of a company that knows and understands the emotions involved when remembering a special person or event. The message should be inscribed by the hands of a skilled craftsman. A well-written dedication is the result of a good understanding of the customers’ needs and advice from an experienced mason. Help with the choice of words is necessary as one must respect the regulations laid down by the Church of England. To compliment the wording, a selection of fonts would add a finishing touch to the proposal.

In West Kirby, inscriptions are best left in the capable hands of Birkenhead Monumental. The business started 3 decades ago, and is well respected in the monumental industry for their excellent craftsmanship and personal touch. The company is backed by the credibility of B.R.A.M.M. giving you peace of mind when it comes to quality, reliability and safety. They can guide you in your choice of words or suggest a poem or relevant passage from a holy book. All lettering has to be laid out with precision, affecting the aesthetics of the piece. Their team is well-versed in the layout and presentation of memorial stones. Whether a conservative or contemporary design is called for, they have the experience to help you with your decisions. If you have any existing works, their Master craftsman, letter-cutter and carver along with his knowledgeable workforce are more than capable of restoring it back to its original state.

Inscriptions in West Kirby have been looked after by Birkenhead Monumental for many years. The owner has been a craftsman in the trade for 45 years. The company has grown over the years necessitating a move to more convenient premises offering plenty of free parking. A convenient appointment can be easily arranged by phoning them. All their work and client liaisons are kept personal and private as all their services are handled in-house. With years of participation in the industry behind them, they are more than qualified to satisfy any requests you might have. If you need assistance with inscriptions for a memorial, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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