Memorials in Heswall

Memorials in HeswallChoosing a memorial in Heswall is a task with which most people have little or no experience. Count on Birkenhead Monumental’s many years of experience and helpful staff to make your monument selection as free of stress as possible. The first step is to find out your cemetery preference. Each cemetery has their own regulations on size and shape. Some cemeteries want all upright monuments and others restrict your choice to a bronze marker. You may have a family burial plot. In that case, cemetery rules include the whole plot. We are pleased to get the requirement information from any cemetery for you. We are licenced by the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (B.R.A.M.M.)

In Heswall, memorials from Birkenhead Monumental come in all shapes and sizes. When you choose granite, the colour depends on where the stone was quarried. There is a selection of colours available in different price ranges. Rough carved or rustic memorials, as well as marble stone are other choices for your memorial. You will want to visit the location for a first-hand look at the various stones. Prices depend on various factors and we will explain the differences. You may choose from our many designs and inscriptions. However, our artisans can engrave any design you choose. In the old days, we cut the stones ourselves. Today, we rely on factory cut stones. One benefit of factory cut is some stones can be available in as little as six weeks.

Birkenhead Monumental creates memorials in Heswall. Included in our services is fixing the stone on-site. Memorial stones should last forever. Occasionally storms or vandals will damage a stone. Over time, moulds and vegetation may stain a stone covering the natural beauty. Great Grandmother’s inscription may be starting to fade. Birkenhead Monumental services includes the cleaning and repair of your monument. We can bring back the original beauty of the oldest stones. We find the beauty locked in the stone through complete restoration.  Birkenhead Monumental offers a comprehensive service from design to set. We will work alongside you as you complete the task of selecting a fitting memorial for your loved one. Contact Birkenhead Monumental for more information about memorials.

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