Lettering on Headstones in Wallasey

Lettering on headstones in WallaseyLettering on headstones in Wallasey is an important aspect of headstones as the lettering can be a reflection on the deceased’s personal tastes. When the time comes to decide on the type of lettering you want, you’ll also be able to decide on images you want to include and the text to go with the image. The type of headstone you choose will guide you because its size and its material, such as granite or marble, will impact the text and lettering you choose. Some ways of showcasing a message will be through engravings that are carved into the stone or metal letters, that are attached to the stone. Then again some people prefer the idea of a memorial plaque which is attached to the stone. When you choose professionals like Birkenhead Monumental to work on a headstone, you get 30 years of superb services from master craftsman who are licenced with the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.

In Wallasey, lettering on headstones from a family run business is guaranteed to be an appropriate choice. Birkenhead Monumental represent everything that is reliable and trustworthy and their master craftsman, letter-cutter and carver ensures that his excellent reputation for quality, competitive pricing and customer care is consistently upheld. Because the business has grown so much, they have moved to bigger premises at Prenton, and this makes it that much more accessible to their clients wanting to make use of their services.

Lettering on headstones in Wallasey is expertly done by Birkenhead Monumental. They will assist you in making the most suitable choice. They don’t rush you but instead offer useful suggestions and advice on what to choose so that it bears a good reflection on the life of the deceased. They will show you many examples for you take inspiration from, but their skills and talent mean you get exactly what you want. If you need advice with lettering on headstones, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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