Pet Headstones in Bebington

Pet Headstones in BebingtonWhy not arrange pet headstones in Bebington if you would like a special memorial for a beloved pet? Many pets are buried in the garden, while some are placed in pet cemeteries. A headstone in memory of the pet can be placed at either location. A beautiful stone memorial provides a unique and distinctly personal tribute to a pet that was like a child to you. Pet headstones are not a new concept they have been made for hundreds of years and Hyde Park was the site of an informal pet cemetery between 1881 and 1903 with 300 burials with miniature headstones. The final burial of the Royal Marines mascot took place in 1967.

We all love our animals and when they die we are heartbroken. In Bebington, pet headstones are reasonably priced and tailor made for your unique requirements. Pictures of the pet can be etched onto the headstone that we can make in any shape or size. Paw prints are very popular as a decoration on the stone along with the name of the pet. A dedication can be inscribed in lettering of your choice and the colour of the paint filling in the letters is up to you. The stone can be as small or large as you choose and we take special care to find the right stone for the right pet.

We manufacture pet headstones in Bebington with the same care that we lavish in gravestones. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today if you would like more information about our available pet headstones. For over 30 years we have provided an excellent service in memorials to people in our area. Our family run business design and craft headstones with precision and dedication. We use many different stone materials to craft the perfect headstone including marble, granite, limestone and many others. We also offer a service to refurbish and renovate old family headstones. Over the years they can become dirty and worn and we will remove them, clean them and if necessary re-engrave them.

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