Lettering on Headstones in Neston

Lettering on Headstones in NestonWe place great importance on lettering on headstones in Neston at Birkenhead Monumental. The words are your choice and will last for centuries as will the size, shape and colour of your chosen stone. The font you choose is an integral part of that whole. It can be plain, elegant script or block letters. You don’t know how many fonts from which you can choose until you view our selection. View our showroom to see what the finished product looks like. Choose the font but also the size, laser engraved or hand chiselled, gold or black lettering or no colour at all. You may feel overwhelmed but once you see the samples, it will be easier. Our job is to assist and advise you but the final decision is always yours.

One important factor in choosing the lettering is the size and type of stone. Naturally, in Neston, lettering on headstones must be sized to balance out well on the stone. The length of the inscription will determine the size of the font. For readability, if the inscription is long then the script should be simple. Flowery script and small letters are difficult to read. Placement of the lettering on the stone will make a difference in the type and size of font used. If you plan to add artwork, religious or military medallions or 3 dimensional statues, the lettering must compliment. The more artful scripts are best used with short inscriptions.

When you have a headstone for a married couple or to mark a family burial plot, you will want room for lettering on headstones in Neston. You may order the headstone when a spouse passes and we will engrave it with the style lettering you choose. When you pass, we will bring the headstone back to our shop and engrave the new information alongside. The stone is cleaned and reset. Contact Birkenhead Monumental for a consultation when you are tasked with selecting a headstone. We have a long history of attentive customer service and skilled craftsmanship. Our experience, advice and recommendations are at your disposal to help in selecting the headstone to mark the life of your loved one.

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