Stonemasons in Wallasey

Stonemasons in WallaseyBirkenhead Monumental, stonemasons in Wallasey, is our family owned business. We have been serving this area for decades. In fact, we proudly claim the only hand letter cutter in Wirral. Creating beautiful memorials and gravestones is not a lost art because much of the work that was so tedious and time consuming can be more easily accomplished with new technology. Still, it’s good to know we still have skilled craftsmen with an eye for form and design that can bring beauty from stone. Our location is designed for our clients comfort and convenience. Our comfortable office setting is where we will discuss the details and your preferences for a headstone or memorial.

The showroom is on site and this is where you will see examples of various stones; marble, granite and more, as well as shapes, engravings and lettering. For those in Wallasey, stonemasons have a showroom that will help you get a clearer idea of the combination of stone, colour, shape, lettering font and size you prefer. We’ll help you by discussing any pros or cons of your selections and answering question you may have. You want to give proper thought to selecting the inscription and we can help you with that too. Tell us what you most want to express and well work on the wording and font together to get it just right. Selecting a memorial or headstone is a series of decisions but don’t stress; there is never any rush and we will walk you through each step.

Stonemasons in Wallasey also offer refurbishing services. Time and elements take their toll on stone monuments, memorials and headstones causing difficulty reading the inscription and discolouration of stone. After 60 or 70 years the set of the stone may no longer be square. Our stonemasons can remove the stone, uncover its beauty and message once more and reset it according to standards. Contact Birkenhead Monumental whether for a new monument or headstone or a complete refurbishment of an existing one. All of our work is performed on site so we’re always here during working hours to schedule an appointment, take you through the showroom and answer questions.

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