Memorial Plaques in St Helens

Memorial Plaques in St HelensThere are numerous situations when memorial plaques in St Helens are the appropriate choice over a full-size headstone. The text that we would otherwise engrave on stone in memory of your loved one can instead be engraved on a plaque. Bronze is the customary plaque material but other options may be available. We offer many beautiful designs but the work is always customised to the family’s preference. Medallions representing service organisations, religious beliefs or military service can be applied to plaques just as we would to stone. It’s becoming more common for cemeteries to ban full-size headstones. Space is sometimes an issue but the cost of grounds care and maintenance is also a factor. Such cemeteries will accept a flat ground stone to which we affix the plaque.

A ground stone with the affixed memorial plaque that we prepare is a beautiful memorial for your loved one. In St Helens, memorial plaques with fold-out flower vases are allowed as part of the ground stone so the whole presentation is lovely.  Our bronze plaques last forever. Time and weather may darken the appearance so may eventually need refurbishment but that’s true of headstones as well. The plaques can be restored to a like-new appearance. The plaques are also secure even if they have pictures, artwork or logos engraved. They are resistant to natural disasters as well as vandals. Our family has been preparing memorials for local families for over fifty years. When you see our examples we think you will agree they present an elegant and timeless appearance.

Memorial plaques in St Helens are not just for cemeteries. If your loved one is entombed in a mausoleum, a plaque is used. Also, when cremation is chosen, a beautiful memorial plaque can be made to place anywhere you feel appropriate. We can make them in all sizes so they can be affixed to a stone at the base of a memorial tree, or mounted on a stake in a garden or form the lid of a box containing the ashes. Contact us to schedule a time to come in and discuss with us how you want to utilise a memorial plaque, how you want it to look, where it will be affixed and the size. We have many examples to help give you ideas.

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