Ensure your Loved One’s Memory Lives On with Inscriptions in Birkenhead

Inscriptions in BirkenheadFamily members are often uncertain regarding inscriptions in Birkenhead for the memorial stone of a loved one. Completing selections of stone, size, type of engraving, colour, and meaningful medallions can be taxing because of course the family wants everything perfect. We also want everything perfect because the work we do is carried out in an attitude of reverence and respect for the deceased and family. The inscription is meant to sum up the essence of a life and the love inspired by that life. That life meant many things to those who were touched. It’s difficult to get all that meaning into words that will fit in six or eight short lines on stone.

We have fifty years’ experience working with bereaved families to create a fitting memorial. In Birkenhead, inscriptions advice and suggestions from us are based on that long affiliation with the many families whom we have served through the decades. We do suggest that you take your time making this decision and get input from other family members. Imagine how your loved one saw himself or herself. What mattered most? What did that person consider their greatest accomplishment? Did that person leave a meaningful or outstanding legacy? What did that person mean to you? Those are long questions to ask yourself and others and the answers must be short.

You may find it useful when creating inscriptions in Birkenhead to look at the life of the deceased as a whole. Remember all the small parts and think what story do they tell. Contact Birkenhead Monumental and let us help you select a memorial for your loved one. Maybe Mum was devoted to her family, neighbours, charitable organisations and spent hours at a time counselling the struggling. In short, she was compassionately devoted to her family and community. Dad would loan his kids his last £10, get up to go help them with their broken down car at 2:00 a.m., showed up for sport and music events and took Mum on date nights every week. He always celebrated his birthday by buying his Mum a gift. In short; he was a devoted family man. Those are just examples of the thought process you might find useful.

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