Lettering on Headstones in Heswall, Professionally Inscribed to Your Requirements

Lettering on Headstones in HeswallLettering on headstones in Heswall can take many forms. We offer different options such as sand blasting, to hand painted stencils and more. However, the proprietor of our establishment is the only hand cutter in Wirral. As you walk through graveyards, you may notice that one or two different lettering fonts predominate in some sections. Throughout history, techniques and styles have come in and out of vogue. Today, there is no right or wrong. The size and amount of lettering depends on the size of the stone, and the size of the stone is limited only by the cemeteries guidelines. We are aware of the cemetery guidelines on size and structure for all area cemeteries, so we can advise you.

We have over 50 years of experience in the trade so we are expert in every type of lettering from hand carving to the very latest laser technology. In Heswall, lettering on headstones is now whatever you want it to be. Since we do this full time, we can advise you on your many options for colour, fill and font. We can also help you say what you most want to convey with the inscription. The script must be tasteful and life honouring but beyond that, there are no rules. This is your loved one so you may have a poem, some meaningful song lyrics, or just your own heart expression that you want inscribed in lettering. There is no rule that the name and birth and death dates should be large and predominant.

Lettering on headstones in Heswall is extremely personal. When you know what you want to say, we will help you choose the size, font and colour. You may want medallions or other engravings included on the headstone along with the script. We’ll gather it all and together create a balanced and attractive layout to fit on the stone. We offer options and ideas but the final decision is yours alone. If you need assistance with lettering on headstones, contact us. If you are in the position of choosing and designing a headstone for your loved one, go with your heart. It doesn’t matter what most other people have chosen. A memorable monument can cite the qualities and achievements of the deceased. However, it’s okay to also cite your and your family’s love for the individual with personal script lettering.

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