Personalised Gravestones in Upton for an Honourable Tribute to a Loved One

Gravestones in UptonFor over 30 years, we have supplied personalised gravestones in Upton. Each is different, according to the family’s wishes. We encourage you to visit our showroom and talk with us about what type of gravestone you find most attractive. We’ll help you sort out what the cemetery guidelines are for gravestones. There is also paperwork to be prepared and filed with church and council authorities. We will help you take care of that. The task of choosing a gravestone, preparing the inscription and deciding what if any symbols or badges should be included with the design will require some thought. That is why, after our initial visit, we recommend that you take some time to consider exactly what choices you want to make.

You might want to discuss your options with other family members and get their input. In Upton, gravestones usually cannot be placed on the gravesite for about a year. We have to wait for the earth to settle once again. Therefore, you don’t have to make these decisions while you are still in the early stages of mourning. You have time to create the lasting monument and tribute that is just right for your loved one. Make use of our experience when choosing a gravestone colour, shape and inscription engraving. After all these years we have a lot of design ideas that are attractive and within your budget. We have the technology to engrave using lasers or if you prefer, we can hand engrave.  There are not many of us left who can hand engrave.

When the time is right to set gravestones in Upton, we notify the family. You may of course see the finished work before that and approve the completed gravestone. Setting the stone is a process that must be carried out properly and according to specifications. We usually use a ground stone, sometimes with a flower holder on either side. The gravestone is securely anchored and will stay that way. Contact Birkenhead Monumental when you are ready to discuss the design and creation of a gravestone for your loved one. We will work closely with you to prepare a life honouring tribute.

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