Lettering on Headstones in Moreton, Memorialise Your Lost Loved One

Lettering on Headstones in MoretonWith excellent quality lettering on headstones in Moreton, you can memorialise your loved one. Birkenhead Monumental specialises in creating unique memorial tributes. Our family run business has more than half a century’s experience in this sector. Our proprietor, David Williams, is the only hand letter-cutter in the Wirral. He is also a skilled, fully time served stonemason, and works with the help of a team of six experienced craftsmen. Our clients can be assured of getting a beautifully finished, enduring and personalised product.

For our clients in Moreton, lettering on headstones creates an eternal testimonial to the life of your loved one. It gives future generations a glimpse into the person’s age, family and sometimes, unique traits of their personality. As experienced memorial services providers, we understand that selecting the perfect one can be a challenge. Families and loved ones who go through this time of grief and stress may find it difficult. They have to make important choices at this moment. Our team of experienced professionals can help to take the strain out of the entire process. We encourage clients to take their time to make decisions. You can go through our comprehensive selection of headstones to help you with choosing the right one. We work with a range of materials such as granite, marble and local stones.

It’s wise to arrive at a consensus on which family member should take decisions on selecting the right lettering on headstones in Moreton. This makes it easier all round to make important decisions regarding the inscription, font, size, and shape. Most people prefer a simple, minimalist look that will endure the passage of time. However, if you would like a more elaborate headstone with a long and detailed inscription, we are happy to oblige. Some clients would like to inscribe the headstone with a line or two from the deceased’s favourite poem. In general, we recommend that witty or flippant inscriptions are avoided, as they may not be to everyone’s taste. For professional advice on headstone lettering, contact Birkenhead Monumental. Our experienced letter cutters can give you good suggestions. We work with fonts and embellishments that are timeless and remain ever fresh.

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