We can Assist with a Professional Headstone Inscription Service in Blackrod

Headstone Inscription Service in BlackrodWe provide a headstone inscription service in Blackrod for your lost loved one’s headstone. Choosing an epitaph or  inscription can be difficult. Our stonemasons have the experience and skill to assist you with your choice. The inscription can be completed using specific styles and sizes of etching, different fonts. The choice of wording on the headstone must be carefully considered. If the deceased did not specify what he would prefer on the headstone, you may need to speak with family members before you make the decision. The wording of the inscription would include the name of the deceased and his date of birth and passing. A message can be included, and this could be a final message from family and friends. It could also reflect a message the deceased wanted to convey.

The epitaph can be as long or as short as you feel appropriate. In Blackrod, a headstone inscription service can provide guidance on the style of the epitaph. This would include the font, the type of engraving, the size and the use, if any, of symbols within the epitaph. Our professionals have the experience and the knowledge about the different fonts that are typically used in an epitaph. There is no set requirement on the type of engraving, but there are fonts that are more used than others. This is because they are easier to read by those viewing the headstone. Typically, san and san serif fonts are used. We can provide an example of the type of font you have in mind. There are also different types of engraving styles used for an epitaph. The standard engraving style includes the lettering being cut into the stone, usually done by sandblasting.

Our headstone inscription service in Blackrod is available to assist you when you and your family make the decision to include an epitaph to your loved one’s headstone. As a family run business, we have over 30 years of experience in both designing and crafting headstones. This includes the inscription for the headstone. We are happy to provide advice and suggestions, understanding that this is an important decision to make. For more information on how we can assist you with our headstone inscription service, contact Birkenhead Monumental. If you need to add another name to an existing headstone, we can assist.

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