Inscriptions in Chester Pay Tribute to the Memory of Your Loved One

Inscriptions in Chester Inscriptions in Chester can be as short or long as you prefer. The purpose of an inscription is a message about the deceased. It is a lasting tribute as a memory of your loved one. An inscription can have an impact on those who read it in the future. It is for these reasons that the wording should be carefully considered. The wording on the headstone often includes the name of the deceased, his date of birth and death, and an epitaph. Some may choose to add wording from religious texts or music. If you need assistance with inscriptions for your loved one’s headstone, we are available to assist you.

However, in Chester, inscriptions include more than the wording. The way in which they are etched is important too. This can include the style and design of inscription. The style or the font of the lettering, as well as the type of engraving in the stone is a consideration. The most popular font used is serif and sans serif. They are the easiest type of font to etch and engrave. However, other fonts can be used, and this will depend on your preference. Engraving is also used, and this will depend largely on the type of stone used for the headstone. As master stonemasons, we can assist you with headstones, as well as inscriptions for the headstone.

If you need assistance with the right inscriptions in Chester for your lost loved one’s headstone, we can assist. We can offer advice and provide suggestions.  The choice of wording and style of the inscription must be carefully considered. While choosing an inscription provides you with the opportunity to honour your lost loved one, it can be challenging to choose the right words. If you need assistance with inscriptions for your lost loved one’s headstone, contact Birkenhead Monumental. Some cemeteries have specific regulations regarding headstones and inscriptions. We can provide the right guidance concerning the inscription for your loved one’s headstone.  We have many years of experience, are registered with BRAMM, and take pride in our quality workmanship.

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