Experienced Stonemasons in Chester

april 2Should you require the services of stonemasons in Chester, you may contact Birkenhead Monumental. Birkenhead Monumental is a 45-year old family-owned business which is well known for the headstones and related services that they provide. The company will strive to celebrate and commemorate the life of the deceased, understanding that memorials are a token of remembrance.

In Chester, the stonemasons employed by the Birkenhead Monumental company are craftsmen committed to ensuring that the best headstones are made and delivered on time. The company provides a large number of headstone designs in different long-lasting materials. They have polished granite, rustic memorials and marble. The designs differ so as to suit the deceased and to personalise the grave by reflecting the personality of the loved one. For instance, there are many symbols one may choose, including birds, crosses, flowers, angels and so on. For children, there are cartoon designs and teddies. Inscription services are also provided. Should you want a bespoke memorial with a personalised message, our letter cutters will advise you on the shape, size of the memorial as there are various government rules that are to be complied with. Birkenhead Monumental does not simply provide these products and services, but they also renovate old memorials and clean them.

Memorials are important as they mark the final resting place of the deceased. They mark the identity of the departed and often allow a brief glimpse at how they lived their life. Sometimes the person abided by an important principle or he used to love a catchy verse, or he was a humorous person by nature, and all this would be reflected in the memorial. For further information, do not hesitate to contact the stonemasons in Chester here or you may contact them directly by calling them on the 01056090117.

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