Are your Stonemasons on The Wirral Familiar with Local Regulations?

april 1Birkenhead Monumental has been operating locally for over 30 years, so our stonemasons on The Wirral are familiar with local regulations for our headstones. When you are faced with having to memorialize a loved one the last thing that you need during this already stressful time, is the headache of finding out the headstone you have chosen will not be permitted at the gravesite of your loved one. This is why dealing with a local and knowledgeable stonemason is so important.

Many people assume that they can choose any type of grave marker or design they like for the grave stone. This unfortunately is not always true. For example, many of the local church gravesites restrict the use of certain symbols. You will also find that some church yards do not let you choose gilding style lettering and many will not permit crosses. Other cemeteries may not allow the area around the grave site to have kerbing or have size restrictions. With local knowledge on the Wirral, stonemasons at our company will make sure that you select the type of gravestone that is permitted for the cemetery chosen.

Having to deal with the death of a loved one is a very difficult time for the family. Choosing how to best memorize the love and feelings you have for them is difficult enough, being told the choice you made may not be welcomed at their burial site can be devastating. So we recommend that you visit with one of our stonemasons on the Wirral: we have the local knowledge and experience to make sure you avoid this type of unnecessary heartache. Here at Birkenhead Monumental you will receive professional, caring attention in helping you choose the very best headstone for your loved one and we’ll make sure that it will be accepted at their final resting place.

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