Headstones in Ellesmere Port for Band of Brothers

Headstones in Ellesmere PortRecently, we had a request for three headstones in Ellesmere Port following a tragic car accident. When young men are to be laid to rest, all under the age of 25, it is especially sad. One of the parents said, what these men lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm. It was this energy and love of music we were asked to focus on and communicate when designing and carving memorials.

In Ellesmere Port, headstones usually tend to be dignified and fairly conventional, but these grief-stricken parents wanted something special for their sons that spoke of their interests and personalities. Some prefer rustic memorials made from granite with no highly polished and symmetrical stone being used. Others want something more sophisticated, like a white marble may be picked out. Those left behind often choose a a design that conveys something about the departed: a drum set for one, an electric guitar for another, even a string of musical notes for a youngster who was the lead singer. The inscriptions chosen can be simple, recording their years of birth and death, their names and a brief, personal message from their parents. The death of a young person or a child is always especially difficult and painful, even for those of us who work with the bereaved on a daily basis. We draw some comfort, though, from the fact that we are part of the process of closure, part of the process of saying goodbye and of necessary mourning.

If you require headstones in Ellesmere Port, call or visit Birkenhead Monumental to discuss your requirements. We will advise you and help you at this difficult time to choose a memorial that is what you want for the person you have lost.

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