Looking For Stonemasons in Wirral?

Stonemasons in WirralWe were recently contacted by a customer who was looking for stonemasons in Wirral to renovate an existing memorial to a much-loved family member. The memorial stone had become worn and damaged, and they didn’t feel that it was showing the love and respect that it had been designed for. That’s why they contacted Birkenhead Monumental. They had heard about our reputation for excellent craftsmanship, and always delivering exactly what the customer wants, whether it’s the creation of a new memorial or repairing an existing stone or memorial.

When in Wirral stonemasons searches should consider the following, first and foremost: experience is everything. Stonemasonry is a highly specialised skill, and mastery can only come after years of service. Our customer was reassured to hear that we have over 30 years’ experience of designing, carving and reviving headstones, monuments and memorial statues. Over the years we have expanded, and now have a workforce of eight dedicated, highly trained and experienced member of staff. This means that no job is too big, whether it’s for an individual headstone or local authority work. We carry out our work respectfully, carefully, and in sympathy with the customer’s wishes. Communication with our clients is at the heart of all we do. We have learned this over the many years that we have been successfully operating.

More and more people are seeking stonemasons in Wirral for headstone restoration. That’s because our increasingly extreme weather is having a damaging effect on older memorials throughout the North-West. Because of the exposed nature of headstones, they are always subject to wear and tear over time, but heavy rain and snowfalls in recent years have left many stones looking much older than they actually are. It can be distressing to find that a relative’s headstone is damaged, discoloured or unreadable. Don’t worry, we’re restoration experts and you’ll be amazed how much better the stone will look once we’ve completed our work. The natural colour will be restored, and the inscription will be clear. Our client was thrilled that their relative had a fitting tribute once again. Call us at Birkenhead Monumental today and talk to our friendly team about whatever service you’re looking for.

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