Favourite Headstone Inscriptions In Wirral

Favourite Headstone Inscriptions in WirralClients often ask us what are our favourite headstone inscriptions in Wirral. It is a tough choice. Choosing the wording on a headstone is an important task, but it can be difficult to find the right words, especially at a time of grieving. We’ve been creating monuments, memorials and headstones for over three decades, and in that time we’ve carved a huge number of inscriptions. That’s why we’re always happy to offer advice and suggestions, although of course the final decision has to be made by our customer. At Birkenhead Monumental we take pride in creating fitting and loving memorials that surpass our clients’ expectations, and provide a worthy tribute to the deceased.

When in Wirral favourite headstone inscriptions choices mean a number of things need to be considered. For example, we have to consider what the client is looking for. Our bespoke service treats each customer as an individual. That is why we take time to get to know them and to understand the person that the memorial is for. Religious inscriptions are always a popular choice, and can be both moving and comforting to family and friends. We have a wide range of quotations from the Old and New Testament that are suitable for headstones, and the words can be accompanied by appropriate images such as a cross. A verse on a headstone can be very eye catching, and again we have a range of verses that can be used, or taken as inspiration.

Some of our favourite headstone inscriptions in Wirral are secular in nature. Inscriptions on headstones can follow traditional patterns and formulas, but they can also be a unique expression of what the deceased meant to their family and friends. It may be that the next of kin want to commemorate a special achievement from the life of their loved one, and we’re always happy to accommodate this. Many of our clients know what they want to say on the headstone, but not how to say it. We can help with this, and will produce wording that looks beautiful and sounds beautiful as well. When you need help with a headstone inscription, our experienced and sympathetic team at Birkenhead Monumental are just a telephone call away.

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