Quality Headstone Inscription Quotes In Wirral

Headstone Inscription Quotes In WirralHeadstone inscriptions quotes in Wirral from Birkenhead Monumental are based on each customer and their specific requirements and, sometimes, on local regulations at a cemetery or graveyard. We, a family run business, have over 30 years experience in this business and are proud of the reputation for our caring and highly professional service that we have built over that time. Just as each person is unique, we will provide quotes based on the precise needs of a customer.

In Wirral, headstone inscription quotes are frequently requested by customers. However, there is no set response or price any more than each headstone and each inscription is the same. There are a number of factors that will impact on the cost of an inscription. Firstly, the material that the headstone is made of can play a part as some are more difficult to carve than others. A very significant factor is what inscription is required. Brief inscriptions are of course less time consuming and therefore cost less. If we need to design an inscription that is longer or is to be combined with a design of the customer’s choice that is a bigger job for our letter-cutters and carvers. If a customer requires a unique design rather than selecting from our standard range this could also be a factor. Gilded rather than carved letters are of course also priced differently. It can also make a difference to the quote we provide to a customer if the inscription is placed or carved onto a headstone at our premises rather than in situ. Regardless of what the customer chooses, we provide a free layout draft and we also check on the burial authority regulations governing headstones at the cemetery or churchyard at which the headstone will be or is erected and advise the customer accordingly.

If you need headstone inscriptions quotes in Wirral, contact one of our warm and professional staff at Birkenhead Monumental. You can telephone us, send a fax or email or fill in the enquiry form on our website. Call us at Birkenhead Monumental today and allow us to help you!

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