Headstone Inscriptions For Both Parents In Wirral

Headstone Inscriptions For Both Parents In WirralHeadstone inscriptions for both parents in Wirral from Birkenhead Monumental will convey the sentiments you want.
We are a family run business that was established just over three decades ago. My wife Jeannie and our son Charlie work with me to deliver excellent service and craftsmanship. We understand about the bonds of family.

Recently in Wirral headstone inscriptions for both parents were required by a local family. We were approached by the children, both in their 40’s. The father had died several years ago and been buried in the double plot that he and his wife had acquired for themselves. The inscription on one side of the polished marble headstone simply gave his name. Now the two siblings were grieving over the very recent loss of their beloved mother. They were having her buried, as she had wished, next to the man she had been married to for almost fifty years. What we were asked to do was add their mother’s names and carve an inscription for both their mother and father who were now united again. The family had selected a verse they wished to use and selected one of our standard designs. They also provided us with birth and death dates for both parents. We provided a free layout draft so that we ensured that no errors had been made. The headstone was already in place and very large and heavy. A decision was therefore made to work on it in situ. One of our highly skilled letter cutters and carvers went to the resting place and carved the inscription and the design. The headstone was carefully wiped down and cleaned afterwards. The design and words on the headstone make clear to all those who visit the graves what kind of people rest there and how their children felt about them.

If you require headstone inscriptions for both parents in Wirral, or for another family member or a friend, contact us at Birkenhead Monumental where we will treat you and the memory of those who have been lost with the respect deserved.

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