Headstone Prices in Upton

Headstone Prices in UptonHeadstone prices in Upton are very reasonable, which is a good thing as making an elegant memorial for your loved one is an appropriate way to keep them in your thoughts.  Creating a beautiful centerpiece where family members can meet and pay their respects is a great way to ensure the memory of the recently departed lives on. Family and friends will feel proud to visit the site and it will be a proper tribute that will last for time eternal.

In Upton headstone prices are great value considering the high quality masonry that is produced. David Williams, head mason at Birkenhead Monumental has been a skilled mason for 45 years and is knowledgeable about headstones. Birkenhead Monumental is one of Wirral’s most respected and reputable monumental and general stonemasons. They offer a range of services such as design, inscription and renovation of headstones. The staff is extremely helpful and is compassionate in their dealings with their clients. There are many options available. Headstones can be polished granite, rustic or marble and there are many different design alternatives to suit your needs. The stones are built to last and will require very little upkeep. However, damages do occur, including damage caused by the elements and Birkenhead Monumental offer a repair service to headstones. Should it be necessary, they will restore the stone to its original condition. They have a specialty in cremation stones and can design these to meet graveyard rules and regulations. They can also provide inspiration for possible inscriptions.

Headstone prices in Upton can be discussed with the staff at Birkenhead Monumental. With the choice of different headstones available as well as inscription services, it is best to first consult with the professionals before making a decision. If you require more information about headstone prices, please contact Birkenhead Monumental. You could also make an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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