Monumental Mason Company in West Kirby

Monumental Mason Company in West Kirby A monumental mason company in West Kirby provides families with a professional, personalised and caring service during the most sensitive moment of their lives while they decide on an appropriate memorial or gravestone for their loved one. You can get this service from a skilled monumental mason company that individually designs memorials with traditional touches in accordance to your own ideas. A monumental mason does not only value the emotional significance of a memorial, he also takes into consideration how to sensitively deal with grieving family members in terms of expectations and costs. It is really important for a family to deal with a compassionate mason during this sensitive moment to ensure that the information engraved on a loved one’s memorial is accurate and memorable.

In West Kirby, a monumental mason company which offers designs, inscription stones, renovation, and children memorials, is the well established company, Birkenhead Monumental. This locally owned, family operated enterprise has attained a prominent reputation over the years when it comes to competitive pricing, customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. David Williams, a skilled carver, letter-cutter and master craftsman, founded Birkenhead Monumental some 30 years ago along with his wife Jeannie. Today, they continue to live up to their good name with the help of their son Charlie and eight employees who strive to deliver and provide top-notch service and craftsmanship. Through their combined experience and skilled workforce, there are a lot of advantages that Birkenhead Monumental clients can gain from the company.

Birkenhead Monumental has become a most reputable monumental mason company in West Kirby known for its variety of services. The firm can fix and supply a complete range of modern memorials available in cemeteries within the area. Clients can even get unique “one-off” designs as well as cleaning, repairing and extensive renovation of existing tributes or memorials. From polished granite to rustic and marble memorials, each stone  is designed and engraved with inscriptions in accordance to Trade Description Acts and other relevant regulations. Notably, the company is a certified member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.  If you are searching for a monumental mason company, contact Birkenhead Monumental.


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