Monumental Mason in Moreton

Monumental Mason in MoretonDo you require the services of a monumental mason in Moreton?A monumental mason is someone you will need when purchasing a headstone for a deceased loved one. The time after the passing of a loved one is hard to cope with and sourcing and purchasing a gravestone can be as difficult. This is true if you don’t know where to turn to purchase a headstone that is suitable and won’t deplete your budget. Consider visiting Birkenhead Monumental. They are a family owned business that was established 30 years ago. Run by family members, Birkenhead has a good reputation and are known for excellent customer care, quality workmanship and competitive pricing.

In Moreton, a monumental mason of good standing is Birkenhead. Their services range from creative beautiful designs for memorials and monuments as requested by clients, supplying and fixing the complete the complete range of modern memorials and also cleaning, repairing and complete renovation of existing memorials. They are licensed with the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons. This means they are professionals and provide a good service. They are known as one of the best monumental masons in the area.

If searching for monumental mason in Moreton, reach out to Birkenhead Monumental. The materials they use for memorials are natural stone like polished granite and marble. Polished granite is a more popular choice as it is readily available and not as costly. Depending on the size and position of the design and the size of the memorial, the number of inscriptions that can be engraved vary. Birkenhead offer a number of suitable inscriptions for you to choose from if you are unsure what would be the most appropriate. The inscriptions can be done using different fonts and letterings. As most graveyards have regulations in place regarding the type and size of memorials that can be erected in a churchyard or cemetery, Birkenhead will check these for you to ensure that the choice you have made is permitted. If you are looking for a professional monumental mason, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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