Cremation Stones in Caldy

Cremation Stones in CaldyIf you are looking for the most beautiful cremation stones in Caldy, you can find them at Birkenhead Monumental. Birkenhead Monumental was founded by David Williams about 30 years ago, and with a Master Craftsman at its helm, the company has provided many satisfied customers with wonderfully crafted memorials. By providing excellent workmanship, competitive pricing and great customer service, Birkenhead Monumental has become a leading company in the area. A family run business, with David, his wife Jeannie, son Charlie, and a staff of 8 craftsmen, Birkenhead Monumental strives to provide top quality in all areas of service.

In Caldy, cremation stones from Birkenhead Monumental are some of the best you can find. But the company’s offer does not stop at cremation stones. The list of services includes both the supply and repair of a complete range of memorials, including unique designs. There are also cleaning and renovation services available for existing memorials. Some of what you can find at Birkenhead Memorials are polished granite, rustic and marble headstones, cremation stones, designs, inscriptions and children’s memorials. For a complete list of designs and inscriptions, you can visit the website and view pictures and examples.

So call Birkenhead Monumental for cremation stones in Caldy. Losing someone is always hard, and we always want to give them the best resting place that we can. By contacting Birkenhead Monumental you can employ the services of a team that has 30 years of experience in providing memorials. If you are looking for something unique, or something that can fit your budget, Birkenhead Monumental can provide it. You can contact the company through email, fax or phone, or alternatively, you can visit the company’s website and fill an online enquiry form for information. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today and either schedule an appointment or ask any questions you might have about cremation stones.

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