Monumental Headstones in Moreton

Monumental headstones in MoretonMonumental headstones in Moreton are splendid in their beauty and are the ideal way to be reminded of your loved one. Headstones can be selected to reflect something of the person’s personality and the message comes across in the silent witness of headstones. Birkenhead Monumental has built up a solid reputation of excellence over the last 3 decades. The family run business is still offering a superior standards of quality and reliability for their sought after granite, marble and rustic headstones.

In Moreton, monumental headstones are unique. Not only do the Birkenhead Monumental team, now found at their factory premises at the North Cheshire Trading Estate in Prenton, offer brand new headstones, but their services extend to cleaning, repairing and renovating existing memorials, enhancing their longevity. These premises are easily accessed for people with disabilities too, and plenty of parking is available. Their skilled and experienced craftsmen don’t only provide headstones for adults, but for children too. They are able to engrave any design you want and they will discuss your thoughts and assist with any decisions you have. This is important because some designs are only suitable for black granite. They can also design cremation stones to any specifications in keeping with the rules and regulations of graveyards. These differ in size from burial headstones.

Monumental headstones in Moreton provided by Birkenhead Monumental afford customers with la variety of options. They offer a selection of appropriate styles for headstones, covering subjects such as animals, birds, flowers, trees, religious symbols, music instruments, books and much more. Nothing is standard, and the experienced team can tailor-make anything you require in different colours and shapes. With Birkenhead Monumental there is no compromise when it comes to quality. For more information regarding monumental headstones, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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