Stonemasons in Widnes

stonemasons in WidnesIf you need to consult stonemasons in Widnes, you may need a bit of insight to ensure you successfully employ the skills of a professional stonemason.Even though the craft has existed since man started to use tools in ancient times, the skills required to sculpt and engrave accurately into solid stone are diverse. An experienced artisan that is fully conversant with all aspects of the practice can create pieces carved in stone that will last for centuries. It is also necessary to find a person that has been working for many years in the trade as many specialised tools have to be mastered to enable one to work properly with stone.

In Widnes, stonemasons are readily available at Birkenhead Monumental. Their services include almost every aspect of stone masonry. Over the last 3 decades, the company has grown into bigger more accessible premises during this time they have built up a sound reputation for a quality, high standard of business they conduct. As a family run business, their passion for delivering a product that exceeds the customers’ expectations becomes evident. They can repair broken or weathered memorials, matching existing typefaces and restore it to it’s original state. The team is lead by founder David Williams who is a skilled Master Craftsman with nearly 50 years of hands-on practical knowledge ensuring that the work undertaken will be of the highest calibre. David’s skills are complemented by his wife Jeannie and their son Charlie along with a small dedicated team of artisans, all specialists in their own fields.

Dependable stonemasons in Widnes are found at Birkenhead Monumental. Their premises are conveniently situated with ample parking and are open 6 days a week. Before you can make a choice, you should pick up the phone and call Jeannie or visit the office and showroom to seek advice regarding the erecting of a monument or memorial. It is not as simple a task as it seem as it is governed by strict rules and regulations that differ from church to cemetery. The showroom has a comprehensive display of examples of their expert workmanship for you to view. For more information concerning stonemasons, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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