Gravestones in Birkenhead

Gravestones in BirkenheadGravestones in Birkenhead and most of the North West are catered for by Birkenhead Monumental which is a family owned and run business with over 30 years’ experience and started by a Master Craftsman, Letter Cutter and Carver. This quality workmanship is combined with competitive prices for the very best memorial you can provide for your loved one. They are a member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons and have an experienced team of 8 to ensure the highest standard of carving, engraving and finishing. They can create a unique, one of a kind memorial stone which will be supplied and fitted in the churchyard or cemetary to your specifications.

In Birkenhead, gravestones come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from their large number of standard designs and colours in polished granite or you can design your own personal gravestone. They can modify or create from scratch any design you require. Rustic memorials are also made from granite but instead of polishing all edges some are left rough for that natural look. Once again there is a huge variety of colours and designs. Exquisite white marble stones are also available in various shapes and carved designs. Available designs include crosses, birds, animals, flowers, angels, windows and books for both granite and marble. Regimental and other insignia can be carved into granite or marble.

Gravestones in Birkenhead can be designed for that saddest of all scenarios, children’s memorials. These can be designed simply with angels or other standard carvings or you could have a favorite animal or cartoon character engraved onto the stone. Draft inscriptions are offered free of charge to help you create unique wording for the stone in any lettering you desire. Cremation stones are available in the same colours and designs as the gravestones. They also check the various regulations and rules of the churchyard to be used with regard to sizes and other stipulations as they vary from churchyard to cemetery. This will allow you to choose the correct lettering and memorial stone. For more information about gravestones, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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