Memorial Plaques in Wallasey

Memorial headstones in Newton le WillowsMemorial headstones in Wallasey bear testimony to the life of the person buried below them. If you want a solid reminder of someone you love, choose your headstone carefully because it will provide some information to your future family members when they visit the grave. Depending on the type of material used for the headstone, durability will be different for each one. Granite and marble are always popular choices as these materials can stand up to weathering for ages. T.Lyon & Son are not new to the funeral industry and provision of beautiful memorial headstones. They have decades of experience, and with their two very able and qualified masons, you can simply make your requests known and watch this able team get to work at bringing your requests to fruition.

In Wallasey, memorial plaques are available in a variety and options. Etching, colour photographs – you name it, T. Lyon & Son have years of experience and nothing is too difficult for them. Why don’t you pop into their awesome showroom in Prescott to get an idea of the many choices you have, and to get an idea of the excellent workmanship involved. You’ll find memorials in so many styles that you’ll soon realise that whatever requests you put forward, these will be met. Don’t be limited by marble or granite but choose from any stone material you like such as stone or slate as well. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that only top quality materials are sourced.

Memorial plaques in Wallasey are extraordinary. They stand out because they are unusual, tailored to everyone’s unique requirements. With a full design service, they are able to cater for every requirement their customers put to them. Choose from different fonts and wording ideas, so that the deceased person conveys a silent message to all who pass by to the kind of person they were. Memorial headstones from T. Lyon & Son are so individualised, they are a true and unique tribute to your loved one. For more information, contact Birkenhead Monumental.

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