Cremation Stones in Bromborough

cremation stones in BromboroughWhen it comes to buying cremation stones in Bromborough, you couldn’t find a better company than Birkenhead Monumental. Birkenhead Monumental has been in business for over 30 years, under the leadership of David Williams, who is a master carver, letter-cutter and craftsman. Over these 30 years, the company has built an enviable reputation for affordable pricing, excellent customer care and second-to-none workmanship. David is also joined by his wife Jeannie, son Charlie and 8 other experienced professionals. Currently, the company is based in Prenton, where clients can benefit from free and ample parking, something which Birkenhead was lacking at the time the company decided to move.

In Bromborough, cremation stones are just one of the products and services on offer at Birkenhead Monumental. The company also offers a complete range of memorials, including one-off designs, and memorial renovation services, which include cleaning and repairs. When it comes to headstones, you can order rustic and marble memorials, and, of course, headstones made out of polished granite. Design-wise, the company offers a wide selection of themes ranging from crosses to books, window openings, animals, angels, flowers, roses and birds. Clients can also request tailor made designs and different colours.

The inscriptions made by Birkenhead Monumental on cremation stones in Bromborough are also bespoke, and they can be preceded by a free draft layout, which will help you see the inscription before it is set in stone. The cremation stones themselves are designed and manufactured to meet the rules and regulations of any cemetery or churchyard. Sizes and designs will vary, depending on the location, however, most cremation plots will be roughly the same size of a normal burial site. This means that you can expect your cremation stone to be the same size as a burial memorial. When it comes to renovation services, the company can make any memorial look as good as new, and add or recarve inscriptions if needed. To find out more about the cremation stones on offer, or any of the company’s other services, call Birkenhead Monumental.

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