Monumental Headstones in Bebington

Monumental Headstones in BebingtonThere is no better way to show your love and respect for beloved family members than monumental headstones in Bebington. Our headstones come in a number of different types of stone. We use marble as well as granite and some local stone. The designs are original and the inscriptions are unique. Our staff can help you to choose the perfect words for the stone along with the approved size of stone for the church yard or cemetery where it will stand. The various cemeteries and church yards all have their own rules and regulations on size of headstone and whether they allow curb stones or not.  We have been in the area for many years and are cognisant of these rules.

When you want to mark the grave of a loved one in Bebington, monumental headstones can be designed and inscribed to be an indication of the affection for the deceased. The inscription is chosen by you and our stone mason will carve the letters in the font that you like. After the inscription is carved the letters are filled in with paint to make then stand out against the polished background. There are a number of colours that can be chosen like black and white but we also have gold and silver leaf. The colour and shape of the stone is also a very personal choice and we can design and create a stone to suit your special requirements.

We create a range of unique monumental headstones in Bebington. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today or visit our showroom to see the huge variety of stone and designs we offer. For over 50 years our stone masons have been carving headstones by hand. We have qualified stone masons who can design and carve almost any design you choose. We are very proud to have fully qualified stone masons as there are not many people who can hand work stone. It seems to be a dying art which is a great pity. The marble and granite stones are generally polished but the local stone can be left partly unpolished to give it a natural look.

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