Monumental Headstones in Eastham

Monumental Headstones in EasthamIf you need to arrange monumental headstones in Eastham, an important aspect is to ensure the headstone you select is in keeping with cemetery regulations. The regulations include details such as material, size and type of headstone. A masonry supplier such as Birkenhead Monumental is familiar with the requirements of cemeteries. We will work with you to select and design a suitable memorial for your loved one. We aim to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. We have a full range of memorials in all colours with a large choice of designs. These include flowers, religious symbols and military and sporting badges. Should you need assistance with the wording of the headstone, the layout and the typeface for the lettering, we will provide advice and suggestions.

A beautifully engraved headstone can pay tribute to the lost loved one. In Eastham, monumental headstones from Birkenhead Monumental can be made in a number of materials. You can choose from granite or marble. Both of the materials have a number of advantages, and both make fine-looking headstones. Every headstone that we create is done with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a beautifully crafted memorial.  We have over fifty years’ experience in the monumental trade, and David Williams, the proprietor, is the only hand letter cutter in Wirral and a fully time served mason. We are also registered members of BRAMM, the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons, ensuring a top standard of workmanship, current health and safety guidelines are met, and the guarantee of the stability of our memorials.

If you need assistance in choosing from monumental headstones in Eastham, contact Birkenhead Monumental. We are happy to assist you with choosing a design for a beautifully crafted headstone. The design you choose for the headstone will be carefully and professionally engraved to provide a headstone that is appropriate to your requirements. We can also assist with paperwork and submissions for church and council authorities.

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