Stonemasons in St Helens

Stonemasons in St HelensDid you know there are still stonemasons in St Helens? The ancient art of hand carving stone is being replaced with modern technology. Yet we still have stonemasons at Birkenhead Monumental that know the old ways and the old tools like trowels, mashing hammers and blocking chisels. When a new technology gives the same results without as much labour we incorporate it into our craft. However, even if the stone is laser cut instead of shaped one chip at a time, the finishing touches are added by the stonemasons. You can choose a hand carved memorial.  When you lose a loved one you want the grave marker to capture the essence of who that person was. For some, only hand carved will do.

One area where the art of stonemasonry is still applied is refurbishment of old monuments. For old headstones in St Helens, stonemasons at Birkenhead Monumental have the tools and skill to repair and recarve so they look beautiful again. It is a step into history to visit an old cemetery. Some of the old headstones are difficult or impossible to read because the elements have taken their toll. The worn names and dates will never to be read or remembered. For your own family members, you might have a stonemason from Birkenhead Monumental refurbish the worn engraving on a headstone. We can also repair a crack or chip as if it was never there.

One thing stonemasons in St. Helens can do with new technology is create a photograph of the deceased on their headstone. Photos are a good idea for several reasons. Grieving family members use the headstone as a touchpoint for as long as they live. Viewing a photo may help them feel closer. Another reason for photos is for those family members who come after, never having known their family member. A grandchild looking at the photo and the noted accomplishments can connect past and present. If you are looking for a stonemason for any of the mentioned tasks or to create a new monument, contact Birkenhead Monumental and speak to our stonemasons. We are highly skilled, experienced and can customise a memorial stone according to your preferences.

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