Gravestones in Upton

Gravestones in UptonGravestones in Upton are a way to memorialise our dear ones. Gravestones are one of the best ways of honouring the deceased person and demonstrating how much affection and respect we had for them. It can also be an indication of the person’s social and economic status, or position in the community. Hence, gravestones and headstones are usually chosen with care to reflect the sentiments of the family. While selecting gravestones, you find that there are a number of options available in terms of material, colour, design, style and budget. Birkenhead Monumental offers a variety of choices to suit your tastes and requirements.

Gravestones were originally flat stones used to mark graves and to prevent access by animals and vandals. Today, in Upton, gravestones are also called tombstones or headstones and they assist families to remember and pay homage in many different ways. The flat  gravestone is the most common one, conveying a simple dignity. They can be embellished with bronze, carving, textures, or shapes. The tablet or upright type has the flat stone plus an upright one which holds the inscription. Slanted markers are usually used in family plots and have a sloping tablet set in concrete or stone base. Another variation is the bevel marker. Various other types of gravestones are also available.  

Before installing gravestones in Upton, it’s important to be aware of the local cemetery regulations regarding size, design, and material. You will require assistance for installation and Birkenhead Monumental offers assistance with this. Our memorials are installed in compliance with health and safety standards and on a solid concrete base. If you are looking for beautifully carved gravestones, contact Birkenhead Monumental. You may want accessories like a vase, or plaques or you may want symbols carved on the headstone. Talk to our experienced professionals for more advice and ideas about providing your loved one with the best possible gravestone to remember them by.

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