Monumental Mason in Hoylake

Monumental Mason in HoylakeHaving a headstone made by a monumental mason in Hoylake is one way of marking a loved one’s passing. Our staff are very helpful and will guide you when choosing the stone. Many of the cemeteries and graveyards have rules and regulations as to size of the stone and whether curb stones may be fitted or not. We have worked with all the burial parks in the area and are fully aware of the restrictions. This means that we can tell you if a certain stone will be acceptable to the cemetery or churchyard. We can also help you to design the inscription for the headstone. It is sometimes difficult to put your feelings into words and we have a number of suggestions to help you with ideas.

If you have lost someone dear to you recently we offer our sincere condolences. In Hoylake, monumental masons will craft an everlasting memorial stone to mark the grave. Our stones are made in a number of different materials and as we are highly qualified masons we can make a stone to your unique requirements. Marble is beautiful and is mainly white but can have other colours flecking or swirling in the white stone. Granite come in many different colours and is a durable and hard stone which will stand for many years.  We use other types of stone as well and to see our wide range it is recommended to visit our showroom.

Our monumental mason in Hoylake is one of the few remaining stonemasons. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today and let us craft an exquisite gravestone for your beloved family member. Our family run business has over 50 years of experience in designing and crafting headstones. A well made headstone can last many hundreds of years. Families with very old headstones can have the stone refurbished by our master craftsmen. We will collect the stone and clean it so that it is as beautiful as the day it was made. We clean and paint the lettering so that it can be easily read and will last for another few hundred years.

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