Cremation Stones in Runcorn

Cremation Stones in RuncornCremation stones in Runcorn are usually the same size as a grave stone. This is because there is enough space to bury more than one family member in the same plot. There are a wide range of colours and designs in a number of different types of stone. The most popular being granite of various colours and marble which is normally although not always white. The shape of the stone can be determined by you so long as it falls within the acceptable parameters of the churchyard requirements. You can design your own unique shape or choose one of our beautiful stones that have already been shaped or you could have one modified to suit.

When you are looking for a memorial in a church yard or cemetery in Runcorn, cremation stones can be made to your requirements. Our helpful staff will offer advice should you require it on the wording to be carved into the stone. As it is made for more than one person there will be space left for later interments. The letters are usually highlighted with colour making them easily legible. The most popular colours being white, silver and gold. Designs of special significance can be carved into the stone, a religious symbol like a dove or a military badge. Our staff will complete all the necessary documentation for the church and council authorities.

Cremation stones in Runcorn are manufactured by a qualified stone mason. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today and arrange to visit our showroom. We can hand carve any design into any type of stone you require. We have over fifty years of experience in this family run monumental business and have six qualified craftsmen to ensure that you get the perfect stone. We know all the rules and regulations in the cemeteries and churchyards in our area and can give you the correct sizes that would be acceptable for your memorial stone. All our stones are erected by us to the health and safety regulations on a ground anchor foundation.

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