Gravestones in St Helens

Gravestones in St HelensSelecting gravestones in St Helens is an important task. However, it is one task related to the passing of a loved one that does not have to be addressed within days of the death. Decisions must be made while you and your family are grieving or even in shock. Gravestones are not set until about a year after burial. That gives you time to grieve and rest so your head is clear. You may start to accept your loss. When you feel ready, we invite you to visit us at Birkenhead Monumental. We are full service and all in one location. Our offices, showroom and work area are all on the same convenient site with plenty of free parking. Have a look around and you will formulate ideas relating to the gravestone and inscription that will honour the life of your loved one.

Birkenhead Monumental is well known and respected in the area. In St Helens, gravestones of marble, hand carved by the only master stonecutter in the area are easily distinguishable from factory manufactured headstones. We have built an excellent reputation over the last 30 years for providing memorial stones and plaques that represent the wishes of the family and esteem the deceased. The selection process can bring emotions to the surface but our compassionate staff is experienced in helping guide you. Our gravestones carved from beautiful marble of varying hues allows for flexibility in design because it responds to shaping easily. Or if you prefer, choose granite or rustic stone. Through lettering, meaningful symbols, carved graphics and even colour photos, your loved one will be remembered.

Birkenhead Monumental offers a high level of individual customer service to those selecting gravestones in St. Helens. Choose modern, traditional or something in between. It will be a dignified tribute to the deceased cast with careful detail. Contact Birkenhead Monumental and schedule an appointment. Everything can be taken care of on site from paperwork to stone selection to engravings. Once the stone is completed we ask for your final approval. When you are completely satisfied with the finished stone, we will transport the stone to the cemetery location and set it using a ground anchor foundation.

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