Inscriptions in Chester

Inscriptions in ChesterYou might want to eternalize the resting place with a grave marker and memorable inscriptions in Chester after a funeral has been concluded. It’s been a tradition for a very long time to leave a verse, a line or some quotes which are of some meaning to the deceased or the family on the headstones. If you are now planning to have a headstone and are looking for a reliable and experienced inscriber, you might want to check us out at Birkenhead Monumental. Our letter-cutter has been in the business for quite a long time and can provide you with excellent workmanship.

For many people in Chester, inscriptions are difficult to choose. They are not at fault as there are so many meaningful words and phrases to leave on a headstone for a beloved one. However, the space is limited and most people will have to find the right words. If you are not sure yourself, we invite you to visit a church to find more ideas. The most basic stuff that have to go on a stone includes a short caption such as “In memory of”, the name of the deceased, the dates, a description which is often optional, and so on. However, what goes on a headstone often depends on the family and always varies in style. As such, you will find overtly religious epitaphs or more poetical ones. There are no fixed formats but to make sure that you don’t breach any laws, double check with the cemetery in case they have specific rules about the designs, styles and sizes of the headstones. With 50 years of experience in the field, we will be pleased to guide and advise you.

There are a lot of items to consider when you are getting inscriptions in Chester. If you require additional help, do not hesitate to contact our expert letter-cutter who will be pleased to help you. For more details, contact Birkenhead Monumental, or pay us a visit at our site. We have a memorial display area and you can also choose your headstone there.

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