Plaques in West Kirby

If you need assistance in choosing memorial plaques in West Kirby, we can help. Like most people, we treasure the beautifully carved and inscribed headstones we see in older cemeteries. We have been conducting business in this area for over 50 years. However, it is becoming too expensive for cemeteries to maintain the grounds with the many large stones close together. Maintenance personnel need to tend the gravesites by hand in some places. So the trend is toward a plaque mounted to a stone flush with the ground so mowing machines can operate without obstacles. A beautiful memorial to mark your loved one’s gravesite is still possible. We create unique bronze plaques, to your specifications, for engravings and fonts, that will endure.

Our designers and inscribers can create the plaque that reflects your love for the deceased. In West Kirby, plaques are available in many designs from our stock or create your own. Religious, military, hobby, club, sport or any other symbol can be added to your plaque. Choose from fonts that lend grace to your words. Graphics and fonts in relief with your choice of border is tasteful and dignified. When you are grieving, it may be hard to decide. Our staff will help you choose by learning about the deceased through you. The plaque will be your tribute to a life that mattered to you and family members. Our memorial plaques may be sized for headstones or cremation gravesites. Our compassionate and experienced staff will see you through this selection process.

We offer a full service whether you need plaques in West Kirby or marble tombstones. Communications with the chosen cemetery and necessary paperwork is handled for you by us. Our offices, showrooms and work areas are in the same location for your convenience. Contact us for an appointment to see samples of our work. Our beautiful display plaques will give you an idea of the many options from which to choose your personalised memorial plaque. Please keep us in mind when a memorial plaque is in need of refurbishment. The elements will take their toll but we can bring back the original clarity and beauty of the original plaque. The job isn’t finished until the plaque is placed. We secure the plaque to the background and anchor the stone so your plaque is secure for decades.

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