Pet Memorials in Neston

pet memorials in NestonHave you wondered if you could honour deceased pets with pet memorials in Neston? For many of us our pets are like family members, receiving comparable but appropriate care and consideration just like you would extend to family. When you have a beloved pet, he or she will give you reasons to laugh every day. When you are sad or hurting they sit quietly by your side and soak up all the sadness and worry. They are flexible. If you want to play they play; if you want nap that’s fine too. How many members of your family meet that standard of consideration and compassion? So when your pet dies you want to memorialise the gifts of comfort and joy that he brought into your life.

Birkenhead Monumental understands that pet owners need a permanent memorial for a pet that has died. They have been supplying custom memorials to families for decades in Neston, pet memorials are included. We have some of the finest designed memorials for pets or we can help you design a custom stone. Choose your stone, hand engraved with the words you want. As with any other memorial, you can add an engraving or even a photo. If the burial is in a pet cemetery we will set the stone for you. Many people set aside a little section in their garden for pet burial and a memorial is appropriate if there are no plans to move.

Another idea for pet memorials in Neston is to set aside a small landscaped garden area where you can place a single attractive memorial stone as the focal point of the landscape. Since many of us have many pets during our lives,this garden area can serve as a memorial for all of them. Names can be added to the memorial stone as the need arises. To find out more information about our pet memorials, contact Birkenhead Monumental or come to our studio where we do all our own shaping and engraving. Let us show you our selection of pet memorials and you can tell us what you have in mind. Together we will create the perfect pet memorial for the best friends you will ever have.

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