Gravestones in Meols

Gravestones in MeolsIf you are looking for gravestones in Meols, Birkenhead Monumental should be your first choice. We boast over 50 years of experience working in the monumental industry. Our firm is family-run and dedicating to providing a service cut high above the rest. We base our customer service on our own strong family values. The fact that a lot of our clients find us through customer recommendations boasts our respectable reputation. We pay attention to our clients’ needs and ensure that they receive product that is of only the highest standards.

When public cemeteries evolved in 19th century, the idea of memorialising the deceased became more well-known. Whether in the form of engraved words on a slate of sandstone or a sculptured design, symbol or artwork, a gravestone is a dignified way to add meaning to the place that your loved one is put to rest. Birkenhead Monumental offers excellent monumental services, and if you want to memorialise a loved one in Meols, gravestones are a simple yet elegant. We have a wide range of memorial headstones for you to choose from. We offer a service that is flexible to ensure that your requirements can be fully met. We pay close attention to detail and every headstone we manufacture is made with passion. Whether you want to add your or the deceased’s own words or choose from pre-written headstone epitaphs, we are able to engrave letters, symbols and artwork in any kind of style onto the desired gravestone.

Gravestones in Meols are a tangible tribute in memory of your dearly departed. Contact Birkenhead Monumental to discuss your options. No matter what your desired look is, be it elegant black marble, rustic materials or stunning granite, we can deliver. We offer any size, shape and colour of gravestone with any engraving and lettering of your choice. Our staff are there to help if you aren’t sure of what would be the right choice. We can advise you on costs, quality and on how different combinations of styles can depict a very clear impression of who they are memorialising.

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