Monumental Mason in West Kirby

Monumental Mason in West KirbyLook for a professional monumental mason in West Kirby when you are looking for a special headstone for your recently deceased family member. While the funeral itself can be daunting and sad, it is recommended that one waits a few weeks before choosing a headstone for the recently buried person’s grave. This gives needed time to decide on the type of gravestone, and whether an epitaph should be inscribed on the stone. The decision can then be made with thought and reflection.

When it is time to choose a headstone in West Kirby, monumental masons are the professionals who can provide the headstone you are looking for. We have many years of experience in designing and creating monumental headstones. Give us a ring to schedule a visit and you can view our selection of headstones. All our headstones are lovingly and expertly designed and carved by our professional team. We are affiliated with BRAMM. This is our trade association. It also means that you are guaranteed security and satisfaction. We are also proud of our excellent service, with high quality headstones made with attention to detail by our expert craftsmen.

A monumental mason in West Kirby can assist you in selecting the most appropriate headstone for your deceased family member’s grave. We can assist with a selection of stone, sizes, as well as inscriptions should they be required. We will also assist with all the paperwork and submissions for church and council authorities. The memorials that we offer are available in a large selection of colours, with many designs to choose from. The designs on offer that are etched on the memorial include flowers, religious symbols and military and sporting badges. If you have your own design that you would like included on the memorial, bring a sketch of it and we can discuss the use of your design. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today if you are searching for a professional monumental mason. We also offer a renovation and cleaning service. Over time, gravestones that are subjected to the elements can become dull and look worse for wear. We can ensure that they are professionally cleaned, making them as new looking as when they were first created.

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